About Babs Streppel-Roubos

Hi, I’m Babs, a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and the founder of Babs’ Help 2 Sleep.

I am a Dutch mother of two and together with my husband we are living in Dubai.

Babs Streppel-Roubos Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Before I became a mother I worked full time as a florist in a beautiful flower shop in the Netherlands. A few years ago we decided to emigrate. We started off in Egypt, then Oman and now we are settled in Dubai. When I became a mother I found that knowing what was best for my children came instinctively. I also noticed that many parents around me were having difficulties with their children’s sleeping and the terrible impact it had on their lives. I decided to pursue a training so that I could help other parents so they could actually enjoy parenting. The moment I discovered the Sleep Sense program I knew that this was the right training for me, everything fell into place! And I followed my dream to start my own business in sleep consulting. 

Babs Streppel-Roubos

As a certified Sleep Sense Consultant I have undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Together with my natural instinct it has given me the best tools and knowledge available to help you to get your little one sleeping through the night.

I can’t wait to help families all around the world to bring balance and peace back into their family. So they can optimally enjoy their children and each other once again.

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